Is Quickbooks Killing Your Business?

Bruce Swabb, CPA

Of course not, but with millions of users, what may be the most important small business software of the last quarter century can set you up for failure. 

In fact, the software seems so intuitive and easy to use, that many business owners are lulled into a serious long-term mistake - they dismiss their bookkeepers.

Think about it - If you are hoping to sell your business or borrow from a bank, the credibility of your financial information is extremely important. 

And if you are thinking about capital expansion or a new line of business, you'll want useful information, won’t you?

The developers at Quickbooks and the host of new competitors such as FreshBooks and Xero work hard to give you an intuitive easy to follow interface.  They've also done a good job of building company templates which closely fit your industry, whether a restaurant or a construction company.

But the hand holding only gets you started.  Partnering with a bookkeeper will ensure you get your company set up correctly – in a way that will lend credibility AND give you key insights for strategic decision making.